How To Bring Your Own Bot (Custom Name)


Ok, the name R3ddyBot is cool and all, but you probably want to rename him to match your vibe. You can do that! BYOB! Just Bring Your Own Bot! haha. Follow this guide for more info.

Is there a cost?

Nope! We did previously charge for this service, but it is now free. Enjoy and have fun!

Tell me how to do it!

Ok! Here we go .. follow these instructions to bring your own bot and change R3ddyBot’s name to whatever you choose.

Create a new Twitch account

You can either use your Twitch account or create a new one with a different name. If you want to use your existing name, skip to the next section. Otherwise, create a new Twitch account and pick a cool name to go with your channel’s vibe.

Add your bot account to R3dLabs

Ok - now that you have your new account, follow these instructions.

(Just an FYI - the process below will ask you to log out of Twitch as your normal user, and then sign-in as or create a new account to link to R3dLabs. This is just a one-time process. As soon as the account is linked to R3dLabs you can sign-back out of it and back in to your normal Twitch account)


  1. Login to with your Twitch account (not your Bot account)

  2. Click the bot icon from the top of the page

  3. Click Settings tab

  4. Click “Link Bot Account”

  5. If you are using a NEW or dedicated Twitch account for your chatbot, be sure to click “not you? log out.” at the top of the screen

    1. Login as the new chatbot account you created

  6. Click the purple “Authorize” button

  7. You should then be taken back to R3dLabs showing you that your bot has been added. All done! Have fun :)

  8. If you created a new Twitch account for this bot, you will notice that the next time you visit Twitch you will be logged in as your bot account. Just log out of it and log back in as you.